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Expertise you can count on

Our specific expertise allows our partners to focus on their distribution channels while maximizing the value proposition to their pet owners. We support our partners by providing them the services of our staff of seasoned insurance professionals in the underwriting, claims, actuarial, operations, systems, auditing, accounting and financial disciplines. We work collaboratively with our program partners to leverage our respective core skills and strengths by focusing on those elements of the program management cycle where we add the most value, leaving our partners to do what they do best.

All new business opportunities start with an initial conversation. We are an extremely flat organization with an accessible, active and highly involved executive group. You will deal directly with the decision makers from the outset of our interaction. Please contact us to find out if your opportunity is a good fit for our organization and our existing partners.

Although not required in all instances, we seek alignment of interests on underwriting profits by providing financial incentives to our partners in the form of either risk participation or profit sharing.

If you are an existing MGA already writing Pet Health Insurance and you are seeking to move your risk portfolio to a new insurer or you are a new entrant to the market considering entering the Pet Health Insurance sector, please feel free to contact us via email at the below link and provide us with a brief overview of the opportunity and how best to contact you.

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